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The Hammer Ergatta is a series of individual 2000 meter races (categorized by age/gender/weight classes) on Concept2 indoor rowing machines (“ergometers”).  Group races will take place in the form of 6-person 500-meter relay events.  The race is open to everyone; We expect over 300 competitors from high schools, colleges, masters rowing leagues, and independent rowers from Crossfit gyms & home gyms alike.

The Hammer Ergatta is Cleveland’s indoor rowing championship hosted by the local college rowing teams (CSU/JCU/CWRU) on a rotating basis:  The 2016 event is hosted by Cleveland State University (CSU) and will take place at the CSU Recreation Center.

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All machines are networked to a central race system.  All competitors will be represented on a large projector screen as a single “boat” racing against all other competitors’ “boats”.

Race opportunities include…

  • 2000m for Masters, Open, Youth categories
  • 1000m for Coxswains, Recreational Adults, and Coaches (no handicap)
  • 3000m Relay Open and Youth categories (6-person teams, 500m each)

Please see event list for all race categories

Hammer Ergatta Info Packet (PDF): Complete event details, explanation of categories, etc.

Register for the Race

  1. Go to the Hammer Event Page (click)
  2. Click “JOIN” in the top-right corner, and complete the registration process
  3. Return to the Hammer Event Page and click “Register” at the top-right corner
  4. Under “Club/Affiliation”, select your club.
    NOTE:  If registering as an independent competitor, click “New Club”, then select “Unaffiliated”
  5. Complete your contact details, then select the event in which you’d like to compete
    NOTE:  Event list is located here.  See the Race Packet for an explanation of each event.

Entry Fees

Open/Masters $15
Youth/HS $12
Relay Teams $20

Entries received after February 15th will be assessed a fee of $10 per entry.

Get to the Event

Cleveland State University Recreation Center (Google Map)
2420 Chester Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Parking: Free on-street and paid garage/lot parking is available. (Parking Details)

Other Event Details

The most current registration and schedule details are found on the Hammer Ergatta page on “RegattaCentral”

Tips for Race Day

Rowers should arrive 60 minutes ahead of their scheduled race for weigh-in (if racing as “lightweight” category) and to check in.  The first race starts at 9:30 am.

Eat: When we race, we like to eat a bagel or banana when we wake up in the morning, but prefer not to eat too close to the race.

Drink: Be sure to be well hydrated before the race bring a water bottle. A free water refilling station will be available.

The CSU Recreation Center prohibits food and drinks (aside from water) from the gym floor where competition is occurring.

Lightweight & Coxswain Class Weight Limits

Maximum Weight for Lightweight Events

  • Men 165 lbs.
  • Women 135 lbs.

Maximum Weight for Coxswain Events

  • Men 130 lbs.
  • Women 120 lbs.

All lightweight and coxswain entrants must weigh-in upon arrival. If the rower exceeds the limit for their weight class, they will automatically be transferred from the Lightweight class to the Open class (Coxswains exceeding their limits, may be transferred into the Lightweight class if they qualify).

If you are on the edge of the weight limit and think that you may stand a chance of being transferred to an Open event, please come early and allow for extra time for the organizers to switch your assigned event. There is no additional cost associated with event transfers related to weigh-ins.